1X 32-bit Quadrature Encoder Counter R2 + SPI Interface (through hole version)


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– 32 bit, single channel quadrature encoder counter, inputs: A, B, and Index.
– SPI interface for fast serial transfer of the encoder count.
– Works on 5V supply.
Jumper to connect on board pull up resistors, which make it suitable for higher cost optical encoders, like the Avago HEDL series found here and here as well as low cost ones.
– IDC connector and header pins available for mounting different types of optical encoders.
– Connectors for HEDS and HEDL encoders.
– Screw terminal for low cost encoders.
– Through hole components are not soldered (but provided), you have to solder it yourself.
– Can be easily interfaced with Raspberry PI, a C code example is provided here.
– Can be easily interfaced with Arduino UNO, an example is provided here.
– Can be easily interfaced serially with PC via Arduino UNO, a C-code example is provided here for Arduino side and here for the PC side (Unix system).

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